Living in A Box

Have you every tried to take the perfect picture? Maybe it was the view from atop a mountain you summited. Maybe it was that elegantly crafted selfie you used on your dating app. Whatever the focus of your photo is, whatever filter or exposure you use, whatever angle and editing, there is one thing that is constant amount all photos: the edge.

There are different size edges, panorama lets us expand our horizon, squares let us focus in on a specific area. What we fit in the picture, and what we exclude, is called framing. And often we can choose what gets included in our frame and what gets left out. If I am taking a picture of a flower on the ground, I choose to leave out my shoes.

Framing is important, and yet, often it is neglected. Have you ever looked back on a photo after taking it and wished your head wasn’t cut off as much, or that person’s arm wasn’t in your otherwise empty beach pic? We can’t ignore the frame because it exists whether we like it or not. We must choose to see it and use it to our advantage.

On the other end, there are people who see life through frames. They choose to ignore what lies outside. Maybe if they looked up, they’d see a sky worth looking at. But they opt instead for what fits in their viewfinder.

For people who live their lives taking pictures also live a life of constant choosing what gets included and excluded. It is easy to get stuck inside the frame and only care what is included. But remember, for every picture taken, there is a whole world that exists beyond the frame.

Acknowledge the frame, and see beyond it.

And of course, photography is only one example and used here as a metaphor.


What do you choose to include, and what do you choose to see?

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