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Take A Step Back

We try to make life easier for the people we care about. Right? If we have skills, techniques, knowledge that someone else lacks shouldn’t we take charge? Shouldn’t we do the hard tasks because we are better at them? When we do this — adopting a mindset of taking control — even if it isContinue reading “Take A Step Back”

Returning to Basics

Once a house is built, the foundation on which it stands is often forgotten. And yet the foundation is still the most important part: it keeps the house standing. So too, with the foundational elements in our lives. Simple ideas. Basic arithmetic. Children’s book morals. How to ride a bike. We don’t need to thinkContinue reading “Returning to Basics”

Feeling Alive

There is nothing like fresh air. Today I cracked open a window and was greeted by the cool winds of an incoming spring. It is refreshing and reinvigorating. It gives me a sense of life. It is a reminder of what it is to be alive. And all I did was open a window. WhatContinue reading “Feeling Alive”

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